Stripe Account Ultimate

  • Stripe Account Ultimate

Step Up Your Game!

If you're ready to step up your game and have full control over your stripe account and have all details under your business name and personal name, then going for the stripe ultimate plan should be your next option. On the stripe ultimate plan, we will be forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company) and EIN (Employer Identification Number) on your behalf as well as, US Physical Address, US Phone Number (for verification) and lot's more. These are the requirements to get and setup a verified stripe account.

What's in for you?

Stripe offers this service which they called Stripe atlas, and they charge $500 to form a new company (LLC) and get an EIN on your behalf. They form your company (LLC) at delaware inc, and if you're a complete beginner and on a budget, you may not like the idea of forming an LLC in delaware because it attracts a $500 annual/yearly tax fee and when you seize to pay that, your business will seize to exist and if payment is delayed, it comes with a $200 extra fine making it $700.

What's the big deal?

You will love our service because it's only $299, and we form your your new company (LLC) at Kentucky and you only have to pay $15 annual/yearly tax fee. That is pretty good, right? Your LLC will be formed under your business name as well as your EIN, we will get every other details such as your Operating agreement and successfully setup your verified stripe account in no time.