How to Sign-up and Create a Payoneer Account in 2020.

create a payoneer account

1. Go-to Payoneer.com and click on “Sign-up & Earn $25“.

create a payoneer account

2. Enter your correct details in the next page.

signup on a payoneer account

3. Enter your country and house address.

signup on payoneer

4. Enter your password, security question, select ID type and enter the ID number.

5. Enter your bank details and submit your form.

payoneer account

6. You will receive a congratulatory message. However, you will get the final confirmation in your mail in few minutes.

create a payoneer account

And by doing all of that, you have successfully completed your application and has sign up for a payoneer account. You will get a mail in few minutes confirming your application was approved!

Getting Your US Bank Account Details

Login to your payoneer dashboard and hover on the “Receive Tab“, then click on “Global Payment Service“.

signup on payoneer

You will see your various bank account details, select your USD Bank Account/USD Receiving Account and click on “View details“.

create payoneer account

Then you will see your USD Bank details. The Routing Number and Account Number are what you will provide to stripe, shareasale, and other networking companies to withdraw your money.

I hope you’re able to setup a payoneer account in 2020! Enjoy!

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