How to Buy Verified Stripe Account

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Do you want to buy verified stripe account because you’re in need of a stripe account to start accepting payments with?

Well, you’re at the right place.

Stripe is only available in few countries while a large number of other countries are restricted in the list and that is really disheartening since a large number of people depend on Stripe to accept payments on their various platforms.

However, at the end of this guide, whether you’re a non us citizen you will have an idea of how to start accepting payments using stripe without troubles.

Buy Verified Stripe Account

Setting up stripe accounts is the major service verifiedstripe.com offer to it’s visitors, right here you can choose an option for a type of stripe account you want and it will be delivered.

You can easily buy a verified stripe account or opt-in for the second plan where we form your LLC and EIN and setup a stripe account on your behalf.

buy verified stripe account

We offer 3 major kinds of services, which includes:

1.  Setup Stripe Account Using Our LLC and EIN.

We will use our LLC and EIN to setup a verified stripe account to start accepting payments on your store or anywhere. It’s under our business name and you’ll be operating under us.

2. Setup Stripe Account Using Your LLC and EIN.

We will form an LLC with an EIN with all necessary documents and details under your business name, including a US Physical address and setup your verified stripe account.

3. Dropshipping Store.

We will build a beautiful drop-shipping stores to start your drop-shipping business and it’s budget friendly with interesting features and bonuses, it comes with a free Stripe Account and PayPal account as well.

If you could read clearly the description on each service, you’ll have a clear idea of what each represents and you can start deciding which one is right for you.

Looking at the prices, they’re all budget friendly and whatever your budget is, you’ll be able to get a stripe account that suits your business level.

buy verified stripe account

The cheapest and most affordable plan is the Stripe Starter Plan which happens to be priced at $95 where we use our LLC and EIN to setup a verified stripe account for you and you can alternatively make a choice on the other plans such as the Stripe Ultimate Plan and Dropshipping Store Combo then that’s a great idea.

If you’re ready to get started and explore our services before making a decision, you can head over to our homepage to start your tour, we have every resources to get you started in a flash.

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